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Ways to Reduce Fleet Costs

Working and business of many companies partially or wholly rely on their fleet system. If you are one among them, then you must be well aware of the tight budget allocations for managing fleet. To match the balance between costs incurred and allocated amount is the most challenging task for any fleet manager. But proper planning and introducing some practices in your management may prove to be fruitful. In this blog, we are listing down some of the productive ways of reducing fuel costs –

1. Replace old vehicles

Age of vehicles is directly proportional to the increasing maintenance costs. Replacing old vehicles over a specific period of time reduces vehicle breakdown, repair works, fuel consumption, which in turn help managers save big on fleet costs.

2. Driving behavior

Driver’s behavior also plays a significant role in maintaining the fleet’s health. Careless driving activities such as hard braking, over speeding, aggressive acceleration increase the risk of accidents and over fuel consumption. Also, a survey stats that improper driving skills reduce fuel economy by 10 to 40 percent. Thus, choosing your driver’s team wisely is a key to indirectly manage your fleet management budget.

3. Maintaining Fleet size and usage

Deploying a right-sized fleet is helpful in managing fleet budgets. Understanding the business needs and planning for long-term profitability first, fleet managers should invest in expanding the fleet. Additionally, overusing any particular fleet vehicle results in frequent breakdowns. Thus, following a rotation in scheduling fleet trips leads to equal utilization of vehicles, increasing their life.

4. Service and warranty management

Timely servicing is yet another way of saving you from incurring a big loss. It helps to detect and fix the vehicle issues in the initial stage. And for economical servicing too, it is important to use the warranty period for parts and vehicles. Thus, it is necessary for managers to keep a record of service schedules and warranty periods.

5. Outsourcing Vehicle maintenance

Outsourcing vehicle maintenance reduces your costs indirectly if not straight-off. Prime and the foremost is that it reduces your risk in case of any unfortunate happenings. Secondly, setting-up and keeping your in-house maintenance shop updated can cause a hole in your pocket. Moreover, by outsourcing, you can have experts looking after your fleet maintenance; employing such a team for just your own business could be real-expensive. Lastly, with more and more maintenance businesses coming up and competing for each other, the benefit is all yours in terms of costs, service, tenure, and contract. So bargain and save.

Hence, we have mentioned above some of the ways following which one can easily, effectively and economically manage the fleet of any size. But, one question still remains, how? For any manager it would be barely possible to perform all these tasks single-handedly.



Basecamp FleetPro, a product of evolving mobile technology. The GPS enabled app is the fix for ever-increasing fleet costs. It provides a centralized platform for all your fleet management related processes. It offers a wide array of services that serves your every purpose. With a user-friendly interface, the app is easy to understand and operate. Just install it on your driver’s smartphones and leave the rest upon FleetPro. It’s a onetime investment which will prove to be of great profitability almost immediately.

How FleetPro reduces Fleet Costs?

First, it automates all the process for which managers use expensive technology and more resources. Whereas, FleetPro functionality can be easily managed and monitored by a Fleet manager. Along with this, it keeps a strict check on the vehicle service history and forecasts upcoming servicing of an individual vehicle, making it easier for managers to draft and manage fleet budgets. Moreover, it keeps a record of parts purchasing and replacement to claim warranties and save money.

Adding to the list, you can integrate fuel cards with your vendors, thus restricting the fuel theft, understanding fuel costs and saving big on fuel expenses. Its digital vehicle inspection saves time and robust reporting system reduces paperwork. This helps your organization gain a competitive edge and beat the competition. In a nutshell, the app is a perfect blend of exciting features to make your fleet management activities streamlined and more importantly economical.

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