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Top Trends in Fleet for 2018

The fleet-driven businesses have witnessed tremendous growth in last few years. All this while, technology has been driving the evolution of the fleet industry. But there always are challenges of a growing business, and the fleet businesses are no different. And the single most important IT tool that has helped these businesses deal with the challenges, and evolve, has been the fleet vehicle tracking system. Such fleet tracking software/apps, that have helped fleet managers manage their fleet business seamlessly, also have continued to evolve with time; with new features, concepts, functionality, technology and trends emerging on to the scene.

Now that we are halfway through the year 2018, it is a good time to pause and look back at which fleet trends have dominated the year thus far and at the same time, cast a glance forward to what’s in store in the realm of fleet industry in the remainder of 2018. Here’s a look at the top fleet trends:

1)Advanced Tracking Tools

Today’s fleet tracking software are equipped with unique and contemporary features. Tools like live tracking allow you to keep a track of your fleet’s live status – whether moving or idle, and the current location of fleet vehicles. Geo-fencing Fleet option enables you to make your fleet drivers stick to the defined routes and stay within the geo-fenced area. In addition to these, features like geo attendance and geo-tagged proofs help you to get the clear insight of driver’s attendance and working hours. These advanced tracking tools have created a buzz in 2018.


The Need for including telematics to your fleet is increasing rapidly. And that has been one of the most dominating fleet trends of 2018. These updated telematics solutions give you a greater visibility into your fleet operations, making your fleet management flawless. Be it vehicle compliance, service records, or safety measures, it keeps a record of everything. The industry is expecting that the adoption of this telematics will keep on increasing in upcoming years. Contemporary Fleet Management Solutions have these features inbuilt that allow Fleet managers to get the vehicles inspected from the drivers on the run, have a check on compliance issues, and get service alerts so that fleets are always in the best of condition.

3)Driver Behavior

Fleet and road safety is an increasing concern and one of the topmost priorities. Distracted and reckless driving is among the prime reasons behind most of the fatal incidents. Thus, it is important to keep a check on driving behavior. And hence this feature of a fleet management system proves to be handy. This revolutionary feature, which restricts the driver from texting or talking on phone while driving, over speeding the vehicle, applying hard brakes and for aggressive acceleration, has been one of the talking points in the fleet industry in 2018.

4)Data Security

Since fleet tracking and management solution have streamlined and automated all the fleet management processes, pile of paperwork storing the vital information and stats of your fleet can been replaced by the digital forms. Thus, to make your system’s data more secure and protected, more and more software have gone for the inclusion of advanced options to ensure the maximum data safety in the year 2018.

5)Integrated Information

In order to get clearer visibility and quick access to all information about their fleet, many organizations have opted for integration between their telematics and fuel cards & accounts in 2018. This transfersped their team access and transfer the information with just a click.

Conclusion: The ones mentioned above have been the new trends or practices being introduced to the fleet industry in 2018, making their maintenance and operation easy and seamless. The industry is awaiting to witness more revolutionary evolutions, and one such concept being automated vehicles having improved features and self-driving capability. Integrated with smarter software, it will reduce accidents and improve the efficiency of the fleet. Though the idea is still in its development phase, but will soon be a reality.

The fleet management software/apps meanwhile will continue to keep the fleet businesses ahead in this transformational year. Used for the effective management of fleet business operations, such software/apps enable real-time tracking of fleet & drivers, resource optimization, fleet safety, cost reduction, and compliance management, among others, through their powerful set of features. One such system is Basecamp FleetPro. So, whether you are a transportation company with large/medium/small fleet, run a school/college fleet, emergency service fleets, or any other fleet business, reach out to us at to learn more about FleetPro, and its benefits to your business.

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