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The Best Advice You Can Hear About Vehicle Safety

Vehicle is an important asset – be it for your personal use, or a part of your fleet. Everyone wants to take the most out of their vehicle; and to make your vehicle more drivable and serve you longer, you need to take care of following three things: regular servicing and maintenance to keep your vehicle always ready to hit the road, have proper safety features to ensure maximum security and avoid theft threats, and smooth driving habits to keep your vehicles maintained and make happier trips.

Evolving technology has contributed a lot in ensuring complete safety of our vehicles, and making them serve longer. Through this blog, we will try to figure out some common mistakes committed by vehicle owners that result in reduced efficiency and increased breakdowns of their vehicles. And to solve them, we will present a set of advices. Continue reading!

  • Tracking of vehicles

Tracking is the most important vehicle safety advice being doled out these days, as increasing number of cases of vehicle theft have been registered. This is an alarming sign for owners to keep a tight vigil over their vehicles to ensure their safety. But for them, keeping an eye on their vehicles 24×7 is next to impossible. As a result, more and more people are relying on tracking devices these days. An efficient tracking device has become an absolute need, as it tracks the location and movement of your vehicle in real-time.

It also comes with anti-theft alert feature, which notifies the user in real-time in the event of theft, allowing him to cut the ignition of the vehicle from his smartphone, and track the location of the stolen vehicle. Moreover, using it, the user can also geofence a particular area or a specific route, breach of which will automatically generate an alert. The technology is also of great use for those who have their vehicles parked at risky or unknown places. With the help of tracking devices, users can even keep a close tab on the vehicle’s locations even if their friends or family members are driving it.

  • Check driving behavior

Being a vehicle owner, you should always keep a close check on your driving pattern ― as well as that of the ones who drive your vehicle ― whether smooth or careless. Rash driving invites accidents and regular downtime of vehicles. Thus, sticking to the speed limits is the key to reduced breakdowns and safe journeys. This is more important for the managers of large fleets. This absolute necessity resulted in eased use of the expert technology to monitor the driver’s driving behavior. A tracking device helps check careless driving and notifies owners/fleet managers in case of over speeding, aggressive acceleration, hard braking or phone usage while driving.

  • Don’t miss important dates

Moving forward, our next advice is associated with the maintenance of the vehicles. For the owner of a single vehicle, it is probably an easy task to remember the insurance and service due dates. But imagine the scenario for a person managing fleet of 50 or more vehicles. It is virtually impossible for him to remember the dates for every single vehicle on his own, failure to which may result in vehicle breakdowns during long trips, and even imposition of fines. The advanced tracking technology has come up with a unique feature of maintaining service and insurance dates of your vehicle, as it generates timely alerts for due servicing and upcoming insurance dates, so that you can keep your vehicles maintained as well as current on insurance.

  • Provide added safety to your vehicle

Along with tracking and geofencing, lot more can be done to make your vehicle safe. You can’t allow anyone and everyone have driving access of your vehicle. This results in decreased efficiency and increased chances of vehicle theft and accidents, as you can’t trust on everyone’s driving skills. Hence, the contemporary tracking technology allows you to restrict the number of users of your vehicle, and helps you gain control over them. You can restrict the unwanted user from using your vehicle, and get real-time alerts if anyone forcefully tries to open the lock.

Concluding thoughts

So, these were some of the advices, which can be implemented with the help of a potent tracking solution that offers all the important tools for vehicle safety. Basecamp, the platform that has given birth to modern and useful technological solutions, has come up with their best-in-class tracking systems – FleetPro and Autobond. FleetPro is instrumental in managing business fleets of any size, whereas Autobond helps safeguard your domestic vehicles. Partner with Basecamp to achieve advanced safety levels for your vehicles.

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