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Questions to Ask before You Buy Salesforce Tracking Software

Study of consumer behavior states that people possess an inherent property of asking questions before buying services or products – be it small or big. Particularly when talked about the Indians, the tendency of asking questions and comparing products is more. Even while purchasing a small product we gather entire information about it. Especially when it comes to buying any gadget or tech product our quality tests start with a series of questions regarding the product’s features, performance, pricing, etc. and passing all these criteria, comparison with the available substitutes in the market comes into play. This seals that whether it is worth buying or not.

Every consumer reserves this right of asking questions and queries about the product or services they are going to purchase, and for the sellers, it’s their duty to answer their every question to meet their satisfaction about the product. And asking questions becomes more crucial when you buy the products for professional use, as it involves purchasing in bulk and a lot of money at stack. Such should be the approach of sales managers who are planning to digitize their sales processes. As the market has plenty of options available powered by newly formed tech startups along with the major established brands. So you can’t blindly trust anyone before taking a plunge into this expensive deal. Thus, proper and in-depth research of the market and product is needed before taking your sales team to a digital platform.

Primarily, you need to understand your requirements. Then check-out the market to look for best available options offering the services and features you are looking for. Well, through this article you will get a detailed understanding of what you should check before buying the sales tracking application. Have a quick look at the questions mentioned below to equip your salesforce with the best-in-class tracking solution –

  • What is the core application of the software?

As we discussed above that there are numerous tech startups are taking shape and of late many new game players have changed the dynamics of the market. When talking about the tracking applications, a wide array of options are there, but you need to understand that what you are searching is not mere a tracking solution providing GPS locations of the salespersons. If a solution isn’t specifically designed for salesforce management, then surely it will require post developments and implementations. Thus, making a one-time investment opt for a solution which is originally crafted for the salesforce.

  • What are the features offered?

You should be aware of the features promised by the manufacturer or dealer. Before selecting any, go through a live demo session of the software to know the real-time working and shortcomings of using the product. Also, this will give you a clear indication that whether you are investing in a perfect set of features. Following to the technological trends of today, there is more than just tracking your sales persons, including management of meetings and follow-ups, create work orders, monitor and analyze sales performance, digital reports, etc.

  • Is the vendor a trusted name in the market?

Knowing the portfolio of the manufacturer is a must while placing such a big order. Supplementing to this you should also know the feedbacks for its past customer and what they think about the quality of product and services. More the thumbs up, less are the chances of wasting time and money. Experts suggest that a name having a long clientele and a bags of experience is more credible while buying a sales tracking and managing application.

  • How is the implementation and after sales service?

Implementation of the software is an important and crucial aspect while shortlisting. Know the implementation process and check whether it is a complex process having multiple add-ons. If yes, then stop and browse other options that offer easy and quick installation. Adding to this, ask about the entire complementary and paid services after implementation which includes yearly subscriptions or after sales support.

  • Is the training provided?

Well, this is the last but not the least checkbox you need to tick before making any final decision. Check whether the software designed keeping its end users in mind, which incorporate the sales persons. Ask how long it will take for the sales force to learn its operations? It is equally important to know that if along with the demo session is the vendor going to provide the training to the company staff?

So these are the important questions that should be asked by the consumers while empowering your sales force with a sales tracking application. And if you find satisfying answers from the other end, go for it to digitize your sales procedure and to elevate the performance of your sales team. Check out Basecamp Scout once and your quest for the best sales tracking application will end here. Updated with the latest features and services, the solution by Basecamp is the best-in-class product. Basecamp is a trusted name backed with the goodwill of BatchMaster Software, a leading ERP manufacturer with global clientage. Thus, make a smarter move by selecting Basecamp Scout and experience increased sales performance and productivity.

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