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Questions to Ask Before You Buy Fleet Tracking Software

If you are into the business of logistics or transportation, and deal with the complexities of managing your fleet, there is an absolute need to upgrade your environment with a smart solution. Fleet owners or managers often come across many challenges like frequent vehicle downtime, increasing operational costs, etc. while managing large fleets, especially when they are on the move. And messing up with manual solutions will add to their problems instead of solving them. As a result, more and more organizations are moving to an automated solution to manage, monitor and track their fleets. If you have also made-up your mind to equip your fleet with a competent tracking/managing solution, then this article is surely for you.

Before selecting the best solution for you, remember that there are plenty of software and devices available out there in the market, with each of them claiming to suit you the best, satisfying your every need. Now, this seems to be yet another challenge in front of you. But prepare yourself to take a tough test of the vendors with a list of questions we’ve formulated for you. Below mentioned are some of the questions that should be asked to a fleet tracking software vendor, and select the one that satisfies your bets with their answers.

How much experience do you have?

Especially in the tech sector, every day a new player joins the competition. Numerous startup ideas are taking shape and many of the existing companies are closing their doors. In such a scenario, the best possible move would be to rely on the experienced one. Sometimes attractive offers like slashed price may result in costing you big. Hence, dig deep by asking the portfolio and overall experience of the vendor in this field. In a nutshell, check whether the company has a proven track record or not.

Is this a complete package for my business?

Now here you can check the number of features and integration that the vendor is promising to serve you with. Browse the feature-list and ensure that is it value for the money you are spending? List down your fleet challenges and requirements and select the one that fits to all, and is worth buying.

Is the software interface understandable?

Yet another important tab to check before making an investment – The interface of the software. As we all know that along with the owner or manager, the end-user of this product is the driver of the vehicle. Hence, it is important to ensure that the software interface should not be too complex to use and understand. The operations should be easy and quick to make drivers comfortable using them.

Does the system work in remote areas?

A big and crucial question raised by the managers who frequently have their fleet on a trip to distant and far areas. Sometimes traveling to a distant and remote location, drivers need to drive through the areas having less or no mobile network. Hence this would be important to know that if the system has the ability to track when offline too.

Technical support and training

After selecting the software it is important to determine the technical support that will be provided by the company during and after installation. Along with this, training to use the system should be also be provided to the business staff, mainly drivers intensively by understanding their educational background and learning ability.

Thus, these are some of the common but often missed out questions that should be asked to a vendor providing tracking and managing software for your fleet. Basecamp FleetPro is one such trusted name in this sector that offers contemporary solutions to make your life and business operations easy and convenient. Basecamp is a sister concern of BatchMaster Software, that carries a rich experience of 18 years, providing ERP solutions to a diversified clientage across the globe. So, make a smart move by opting for Basecamp FleetPro and enjoy managing your fleet seamlessly and effectively.

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