A Revolutionary Tracking Solution
For Safety Of Your Loved Ones

Stay close even when they are away

Are you among the ones who are always worried about the safety of your loved ones? If yes, we are unveiling a next-gen solution for all your safety concerns – Family Bond, the GPS-enabled tool for location tracking. So, be it the long trips of your dear children, morning walks or evening strolls of elderly people, outdoor play of your pets, or such, track them whenever they go, wherever they go.

The system is incorporated with various GPS gadgets and mobile applications, which along with people helps tracking your pets too.

Family Bond – System, Features and Benefits

Let’s take a step towards making our smartphones a bit smarter with Family Bond. With two categorizations – Parent & Kids, it provides two separate user-ends. This combo forms a robust tracking and safety mechanism having these new-age features –

Live Tracking

Stay updated with the current location and track movement of your children & other family members at any instance. An easy-to-understand interface is provided to keep a check on them.


Secure your dear ones’ movements with this distinctive feature. Parents can create safe zone of any radius around them and the app will notify them if they breach the fence. Besides this, multiple geofences can also be assigned to a particular group of members/children.

Add Child

Add any number of family members and track them without adding any complexities. Family Bond’s easy-to-understand interface will make their guarding a cake walk now.

SOS/Panic Alert

When family members are on the move, and encounter any problem, such as accident, taping on the panic feature generates an immediate alert on parents’ app, sharing the accurate location details.

Benefits of Family Bond

Family bond is a big relief to the parents having safety concerns for their kids, elders and pets. It has redefined the traditional methods of tracking with a plethora of benefits-

  • Keep an eye on children
  • Ensure complete safety of elders & pets
  • Save time & energy
  • Easy and quick to operate
  • A compact, easy-to-carry device
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