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How Telematics Data can be Used to Improve Road Safety and Change Driver Behavior?

India’s Current Traffic Scenario

India is included in the list of nations with rapid development – especially in the field of technological advancements. The evolving technology in the country has made our life easier and safer and is paving the way for a better tomorrow. But on the other hand, despite of the latest technology being introduced, we are way behind in Road safety. Every year we draw a bizarre report of road accidents and fatalities that took place in the country, with a figure in lakhs of people losing their life in road crashes.

Although in 2015, India signed the Brasilia Declaration and committed to reducing the country’s number of road accidents to a half. However, the results we’ve got are not substantial; we still have a long way to go. Well, the government is doing its best to take the best possible steps in a bid to record a steep fall in that number.

The reason behind

What could be the possible reasons for these increasing accidents and fatalities on roads? Various researches and studies have been carried out to spot the accurate reasons or factors behind these increasing casualties. And the reports and official figures reveal that 90% of accidents are due to driver’s mistake. Some of the most common reasons identified are:

Over Speeding

Over speeding or aggressive acceleration has become a major reason and is definitely a huge challenge to deal with. Faster vehicles are more prone to accidents as compared to slower ones. This has been the prime reason for most of the road fatalities. The feeling of being competitive specifically in millennial makes them to accelerate and cause mishaps.

Drunken driving

Drinking alcohol to celebrate any moment is now very common, but it turns grievous when the vehicle is driven post such celebrations. People of all ages, even females, are involved in the mishaps happening due to this reason. Despite of many campaigns and awareness programs, the situation is still alarming.

Distraction while driving

Various studies have also held this as an important reason behind many road accidents. The present technology has hypnotized us towards our cell phones. As per many psychiatrists, checking mobile phones for messages or calls is an increasing mental disorder, and people can’t resist this even while driving-which results in distracting drivers and causing severe road mishaps.

Maintenance Issues with vehicles

This proves how important is the regular maintenance of vehicles – whether personal or fleet. Sudden vehicle breakdown during journeys may lead to accidents. Especially in the case of a school, college, ambulance, transportation fleets, vehicle maintenance should be a priority, as it is a matter of many lives.

Advanced Telematics is the fix

So, these are some of the major reasons for road accidents and increasing fatalities. Advanced Auto Telematics is the solution to all such problems. Safeguarding your rides it raises your driving standards, and provides optimum road safety.

How Telematics data improves road Safety and Driving Behavior?

Let’s now take a quick tour of the ways telematics data can be used to ensure safe rides and improved driving behavior –

Check Unsafe Driving Activities

As discussed earlier that harmful practices like over speeding and aggressive acceleration should be monitored and checked to ensure complete road safety. Here telematics data prove to be substantial, as it tracks the driving behavior and keeps a strict tab on the over speeding, hard braking, etc. It also generates a timely report of your driving pattern to analyze and improve your driving. It quickly generates alerts and notification in case of such risky driving.

Say no to distraction

Distraction while driving the vehicle, which mainly occurs due to the usage of the phone can be checked using the telematics data. It also reports the number of times phone used while driving, and helps to reduce it, maintaining your concentration level.

Healthier the vehicle, safer the drive

Advanced telematics solutions allow you to maintain your vehicle, keeping it always road ready. You can quickly perform regular vehicle inspection to find out the minutest fault in it, making the vehicle ready and safe for even long journeys.

Traffic details

When it comes to the trips of large fleets including heavy vehicles, the drivers should avoid using the densely populated areas or busy routes. The telematics solution enabled with a GPSsystem, help you with the current traffic details of the route. This helps drivers to select the safest route to the destination.

Analyzing vehicle capacity

Overloading of any product in fleet containers or students in college or school bus increase the chances of road accidents. The telematics data in such cases help you in determining the accurate capacity of the fleet vehicles.

Rewards for drivers

A healthy competition among the fleet drivers should be organized by rewarding the drivers according to their performance. This can be analyzed through the performance reports of drivers. And, to stay on the top and to win rewards drivers will try to improve their driving skills.

This is how the contemporary Auto technology – Telematics help us in elevating our driving skills and ensuring overall safety on road. To experience this positive change, switch to Basecamp Autobond for the tracking and maintenance of personal vehicles and Basecamp FleetPro for safe and seamless fleet operations.

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