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How GPS Tracking Can Transform Fleet Management?

In the modern day scenario, no business vertical is untouched by the evolving technology. Technological innovations and implementations have changed the dynamics of every business, and the transport and shipping businesses are no different. Vehicle tracking through GPS (Global Positioning System) has become an important tool to gauge any fleet’s performance. Various studies reveal that GPS-enabled vehicle tracking systems elevate the productivity and vehicle utilization by up to 20 percent, whereas reduces the operational cost by 25 percent.
Moreover, GPS technology decreases idle time as well as overtime of vehicles, which collaboratively enhances any fleet’s standards and makes its management a cakewalk for the managers. Accident tracking, roadside assistance, attendance tracking, and anti-theft services are some other features of GPS tracking that help improve the fleet operations significantly. Besides, there are more ways through which a GPS tracking system can transform fleet management. Take a look:

  • Advanced vehicle telematics

Vehicle telematics, a device which uses a combination of navigation, communications, safety, and security, plays a significant role in making your fleet operations safe and seamless. Over the past few years, vehicle telematics has evolved, including sensors, battery backup and GPS, which enables fleet managers to track vehicles’ location in real-time, monitor their movements and check their stoppages.

  • Scalability support

Different industries have different fleet size according to their usability. Whether you have a small fleet of 10 vehicles, or a large fleet of 1000 vehicles including cars, trucks and containers, GPS gives equal and effective results in managing them. It controls your costing with more productive outcomes.

  • Smart system

The GPS-enabled tracking systems not only track the location of vehicles, but also ensure maximum safety on roads. GPS allows you to keep a check on the drivers’ behavior, as it monitors and checks various driving activities that rise the risk of accidents. For example, the GPS system keeps an eye on over-speeding, hard braking, aggressive acceleration, etc. Besides safety, it also increases vehicle life, and its performance.

  • Real-time tracking & notifications

Having a track of your fleet, and getting alerts and notifications – all in real-time, is yet another fruitful gain of a GPS tracking system for your business. This helps managers to take the necessary actions immediately. If any of your fleet drivers breach the prescribed speed limit or changes its track, then the system quickly tracks it and informs you through alerts and notifications, making it easier for managers to act accordingly and take apt actions.

  • Routing & geo-fencing

Routing is one of the most beneficial features of a system equipped with GPS. This enables managers to define the safest and shortest routes to reach distant and unknown destinations. Moreover, the system suggests alternative routes and gives real-time traffic updates as well.

Furthermore, managers can restrict the use of company vehicles for personal works through the geo-fencing feature. It allows them to encircle the area and bar the movement of vehicles outside that area.

  • Asset tracking

Tracking the assets carried by the fleet is as important as tracking the fleet location. Companies which are into movement of goods from one place to the other are particularly keen on tracking the assets on the road along with the fleet. Such companies often use GPS tracking devices along with the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and mobile sensors to meet their requirements, as the combination of these technologies makes tracking the assets in real-time possible.

  • Big Data of the fleet

The data collected from your large fleet can be enormous. A GPS tracking system is equipped with powerful and efficient reporting capabilities that can analyze the data and generate detailed, accurate and exportable reports of your fleet performance, usage, condition, trips, etc. This helps managers to know the total distance travelled, fuel analytics, vehicle downtime, and hence to measure the productivity and manage cost. Moreover, filtered reports can also be generated to assess the performance of a particular team or any individual driver.


We are aware of the strict budget allocations and expenses involved in managing any organization’s fleet. Hence, it becomes important to equip your fleet with a smart & advanced system, which includes the contemporary telematics such as a fleet vehicle tracking system. Basecamp FleetPro is the solution you are looking for. Enabled with an efficient GPS system, Fleetpro offers a plethora of exciting and unique feature to monitor your fleet operations. So, partner with Fleetpro today, and track the productivity of your fleet.

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