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How does the Vehicle Tracking System and Fleet Management Works

What is Fleet Management?

Before discussing the vehicle tracking, let’s throw some light on the concept of Fleet Management. In a nutshell, it is an umbrella term of having control over every aspect of your organization’s fleet. Most of the institutions or businesses, in some way or other, are dependent upon vehicles. Thus, fleet management is a group of tasks performed to manage and take care of your fleet’s maintenance and operations. For example, it includes vehicle management, checks parts inventory, reduces downtime, checks status, maintains service records and many more. And failing to stay on top of all these, eventually leads to poor efficiency and decreased productivity.

Hence, businesses have a dedicated team for their fleet management, mostly headed by a fleet manager, who keeps a track of all fleet operations. Since fleet managers are in office, they always find it challenging to have the live status of their fleet vehicles. But over the time the scenario has completely changed. Thanks to innovative and evolving technology, that has transformed the fleet management practices and made them a cake walk for fleet managers. Now, whether it is a fleet of 5 or 50 vehicles, a single person can manage it effortlessly. One of such technological innovation is GPS (Global positioning system), the global location tracker. This has empowered managers to track fleet vehicles in real-time. That’s where the vehicle tracking systems come in the frame. Installing a GPS enabled the device in vehicles, and feeding software to the computer/mobile, managers can track the vehicles from anywhere and at any time. So let’s track some more details about the fleet vehicle tracking systems, and how they work –

More about Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking is the most crucial and challenging part of fleet management. Keeping a track of geographically dispersed fleet may become chaotic for a single person sitting miles away. But GPS devices and software have made it easier for them to trace vehicle’s location individually on-the-go. Besides this, there are numerous fruitful gains of including tracking systems. Let’s check them out below_

Increased transparency

By tracking live location of vehicles, managers can enhance transparency during fleet trips. Besides tracking, the device keeps a track of speed, distance, and fuel readings. This helps managers to calculate accurate expenses and fair reimbursements. Moreover, it records halts and stoppages taken during the entire journey.

Route optimization

Tracking location is proved to be beneficial especially in case of traffic jams. The device shows current traffic situation of the route opted by drivers. Thus in case of blocked roads, managers can quickly suggest alternate routes to a destination.

Issue management

During long journeys, in case of vehicle downtime or in case of any mishaps, drivers can easily update their managers along with their location. With this, managers can arrange the closest aid to the driver.

Reduce misuse

Using company’s vehicles for personal use has always been a major concern for fleet managers, and is difficult to track. A competent location tracker system alerts managers and shuns the chances of personal usage of vehicles.

Hence, the above information highlights the importance of location tracking for better management of your fleet. This also frames a clear picture that every organization, which is partially or completely dependent on the fleet, needs a robust location tracking solution. At Basecamp, we understand this need and hence introducing Fleetpro, a competent system to track your fleet vehicles and make your fleet management go seamless.

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