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How does the GPS Tracking System help in the Vehicle Rental Industry?

Vehicle rental industry is rapidly evolving in our country these days. Instead of spending money on buying cars, the trend of renting vehicles when needed is prevailing. People nowadays are frequently using cars, for short and long trips, they have never thought of buying. This gave a boost to the revenues of car rental firms. Along with its various business benefits, operators in this industry are concerned about the safety and maintenance of their cars. They have no clue how their vehicle is being used by the customer or where they are driving the vehicle.

Hence, they need to keep a strict check on their vehicles’ operations, for which a powerful and efficient monitoring tool is needed. Enabled with the latest and cutting-edge tracking technology – GPS helps you in maintaining your vehicles and assuring complete safety. Want to know how read it below now –

  • Track locations

Being a vehicle operator, it is important to know the locations where customers take the vehicles. That’s why GPS tracking is needed. It helps you track the locations and movement of your vehicles; to check whether they are driving to the places they have mentioned.

  • Ensure safe driving

GPS tracking of the vehicle also enables you to monitor the driving behavior of customers. You will get immediate notifications if the driver breaches the permitted speed limits and it also checks the careless driving behavior, such as over speeding, hard braking, etc.

  • Safety of vehicle

Rental cars are usually taken to distant and unknown destinations, and during such trips safety of the vehicles becomes paramount. It’s impossible for the operators, sitting in an office to check the area of parking or ensure its safety every time. For such problems, GPS tracking is the only fix. You can restrict the movement of your vehicle outside your area, through Geofencing.

It allows you to create a virtual boundary around the vehicle that alerts you quickly in case the vehicle enters or exits the geofenced areas.

  • Save from fines

Sometimes, people are unaware of the traffic rules of the city they are driving in. Hence more become the chances of getting stuck in a traffic jam or entering in the restricted area of one-way roads. Following this, they may face charges of traffic police. Thus, using a GPS tracker is a smart move while traveling to such places. The system provides you the type of roads and even gives you live traffic details, which makes your every ride happier.

  • Emergency assistance

If customers, during their trips, face vehicle downtime or breakdown, through GPS tracking it becomes easier for the operators to track their accurate location and arrange quick help for them. In case of emergencies, they can also figure out the nearest police stations or hospitals, based on their location.

Thus GPS tracking is a much-needed tool to flourish your car rental business and for its smooth and hassle-free functioning. Thus for effective monitoring, Basecamp introduced Autobond, an efficient tracking device for your business and personal vehicles. In addition to tracking, it has a lot of added advantage that reduces vehicle downtime and ensures long vehicle service.

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