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How does Fleet Tracking Software Solve Real Business Challenges

Fleets of large enterprises often cover a vast area and are constantly on move. While traveling to distant places, they face a clutch of various challenges every day. Hence, when it comes to the management and maintenance of such large fleets, having thousands of vehicles, the task becomes chaotic for fleet managers. Today, through this article, we’ve tried to list down some of the real business challenges that fleet managers face while handling their workforce on wheels. Along with the problems, we’ve also tried to figure out the benefits and gains of equipping your fleet with a GPS tracker software, and how they really help in solving these business issues –

  • Information Glut

This is one of the most common problems faced by fleet managers, especially dealing with the fleet incorporating vehicles in thousands. Every vehicle has its personal information and thus the amount of data updated in your GPS system may result in the information overload. A potent fleet management software tool is able to segregate the entire information while showing you that matters you most. Real-time alerts can also be set to have filtered data, saving your time to browse the pile of information.

  • Miss out small errors

This might be the case with large fleet owners that in a bid to maintain a large fleet and address bigger issues, they miss smaller problems. Which may, over a period of time, result in turning to be a major crisis. But, as we discussed above that with the alert tool, a fleet management software can help to remind of every small problem or issue through push notifications, messages or email. For example, let’s consider the driving behavior of fleet drivers. Managers, sitting in theoffice can have no clue about the driving pattern of a particular driver during his trips – whether he is following the speed limits or using the phone while driving. Ignoring such careless behavior may cost them big. Thus, instead of engaging managers to constantly keep an eye on their speed limits, fleet software gauge their driving activities and immediately alerts or notifies mangers if any careless driving activity detected. This helps managers to take timely actions.

  • Keep a track of dispersed team

Role of a fleet manager is a big challenge in itself, as the vehicles are dispersed in almost every direction, sometimes travelling miles to distant places. Thus keeping every driver in constant touch becomes a hard nut to crack for managers. Suggesting the best and safest routes to drivers and providing immediate help in case of any emergency becomes a crucial part of their job. Fleet management software eases this to a greater extent, as drivers can easily travel to unknown places with the route optimization tool, get the traffic insights of that route and can quickly update the managers with real-time issues.

  • Delayed deliveries

This happens with the organizations that their fleet take more than expected time to reach the destination, and this delayed delivery is a major reason for unhappy consumer base. Not a particular reason can be picked for this, as multiple factors may result in crossing deadlines of deliveries. One such reason can be unnecessary and too many breaks taken by drivers. This can be checked with the help of a fleet management software, as it tells you the accurate details about the day’s travel along with a total number of breaks and time consumed for them.

Another reason could be the vehicle’s downtime. Excessive usage of vehicles and improper maintenance result in frequent vehicle breakdowns. To avoid such things fleet management software is the fix, as drivers can perform regular vehicle inspections that result in reduced vehicle downtime during trips.

  • Threat of Fuel theft and Overconsumption

While managing a fleet, threats of fuel theft always loom over the heads of managers. Especially, in an industry like transportation and logistics strict budgets are allotted. Hence, to keep a track on fuel consumption, fleet management software is the solution. With the efficient tools like geofencing and fuel cards you can keep a tab on the fuel consumed and can also check the unofficial usage of fleet vehicles.

Concluding Notes

Above mentioned are the challenges usually faced by the fleet managers while managing and maintaining large fleets. And it is clear that to combat these business challenges, managers need to empower their fleet with a next-gen tracking solution. Such a system is developed by Basecamp is “FleetPro”. Updated with the advanced tools and contemporary features, FleetPro is the perfect fleet management software to lubricate your fleet operations.

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