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Basecamp Fleetpro WM is a waste management fleet tracking software that offers real-time tracking, control, and analysis of waste management fleet operations to help local governments, municipalities and private corporations operate cost-effectively.

Designed for small, medium, and commercial-sized fleets, the waste management fleet software keeps a tab on each and every garbage collection vehicle out on the roads. With Basecamp Fleetpro WM, you can streamline processes, know the whereabouts of the fleets, ensure driver safety, facilitate workflows, boost efficiency, and track them from anywhere.

We are committed to smarter waste management:

Proper waste management is a mandate for a clean, healthy, and livable environment. Managing a waste-centric fleet is even more important to optimize the process and ensure that the waste is collected and disposed of properly.

Timely collection, safe handling, and coordinated dumping are all essential components of effective waste management. Our software is a waste management fleet tracking software that allows trip planning and offers geo-fencing to ensure the safety of the route. Moreover, you get driver behavior and fuel consumption analysis reports to keep your resources and time well-utilized.


Manage all of your trash/garbage fleets with this waste management fleet software as we aim for a cleaner and greener India

  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Create Zones, Wards and Routes
  • Manage Trips, Routes & Stoppages
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Management
  • Alerts on Driving Behavior & Excess Stoppages
  • Manage Contacts/Drivers/Vendors
  • Transactions Management
  • Statistics, Reports & Analytics


Basecamp Fleetpro WM - a GPS tracker for waste transport management, can put you one step ahead of the competition by:

  • Live tracking of fleet vehicles
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Eliminated tiresome paperwork
  • Optimized fleet vehicles and resources
  • Extended vehicle life
  • Compliant and road-ready fleets, always
  • Lowered fuel and maintenance costs
  • Improved driving behavior and road safety
  • Better route optimization & planning

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