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Step Into The Era Of Connected Vehicles

Introducing the latest technologies like IoT, Basecamp FleetPro has modernized the functionalities of GPS trackers. Empowered with a wide range of tools and features, the software serves the purpose of enhancing the performance of personal vehicles and helps you to scale up your fleet-dependent businesses too.

Now stay updated with the live status of your vehicles when they are not around. Besides live and past location tracking, new features like Geofencing have redefined and braced the GPS tracking of bikes, cars and other vehicles. Along with this, FleetPro has upgraded the security of vehicles too. So now forget worries of parking your vehicles at unknown places and stay assured with the safety of your loved ones when they are driving the vehicles. Besides this, ignition cut-off is yet another revolutionary safety feature that foils the theft attempts and unauthorized vehicle usage. If detected any such acts the system alerts vehicle owners, and with just a single tap they can cut-off the ignition, immobilizing the vehicle instantly.

FleetPro understands the need and importance of data for any business, Hence, FleetPro comes with a digital database that keeps vital stats and vehicle insights at your fingertips. This helps fleet managers take informed decisions and streamline their fleet operations.

Frequent vehicle breakdowns and downtime can impede the performance of vehicles, especially affecting the bottom line and operational costs of businesses that rely on the fleet. Addressing these issues, FleetPro comes with service and insurance reminders that ensure timely maintenance of vehicles, keeping them always service ready. Moreover, quick vehicle inspection can also be performed with FleetPro to detect minutest of the issues in the vehicle and prevent them from further escalation. This makes FleetPro the best-in-class fleet maintenance software.


Benefits of basecamp fleetpro

FleetPro addresses all your modern-day challenges and requirements, and hence comes with a plethora of beneficial gains for your business fleet and personal vehicles –

  • Streamline vehicle operations
  • Enhance fleet performance
  • Control operational cost
  • Bless vehicles with longer service life
  • Improve safety & security
  • Check unofficial vehicle usage
  • Quick help during emergencies

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