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How Firefighters Are Using GPS Fleet Management System?

Case – The recent case that shook the whole nation happened in Gujrat’s Surat. The fire broke out in a multistory building claimed 20 lives that too young students. After the entire incident the shocking fact was revealed that the ‘Fire-brigade’ arrived on the spot almost 40 mins late. If the fire-fighters had arrived on time, many children and thus many families could have been saved, report spectators.

Now this was just a single case, but the fact is that there is a steep rise observed in the number of fire accidents, especially in a high rise or multi-story buildings. First, the complex structures nowadays make the salvaging and rescue operations difficult, which result in casualties and huge property losses. But the situation becomes grievous with the fire-fighters’ delayed response or arrival. No wonder, these life savers are specifically trained to be on their toes and quickly respond to the urgent calls. However, it’s not only about firefighters, but the vehicle should also be service-ready to deal with such a situation. A small breakdown of these vehicles during their run can make the situation worst. Thus, effective management of such fleets becomes quite critical. This complex task can’t be handled by a single fleet manager or any officer. The department has to team up with the emerging and advancing automobile technology, or the GPS tracking systems to stay on the forefront for saving lives.

Modern day GPS systems built dedicatedly for fleets help in managing, tracking, monitoring and controlling fleets of all sizes. They are designed to ease out the managers’ tasks by establishing an automated and centralized system to keep a real-time digital eye on all vehicles. As the name goes, the software not only traces the locations of your vehicles, but has a wide spectrum of services to offer. So let’s take a quick look at the features and services offered by this GPS tracking systems to efficiently manage the fleet of fire brigades and ensure their timely reach and readiness –

  • Reduce breakdowns and downtimes

We have discussed above the significance of your fleet vehicles being ready always. Even single negligence can lead to vehicle breakdown, ultimately generating worst and unwanted results. To assure the smooth functionality of the vehicles and keep them action-ready anytime, the fleet management system is the key. The system helps managers to perform timely service and regular vehicle inspections. It generates alerts and notification for individual vehicle in case of due servicing. Additionally, the vehicle inspection can be done through the customizable forms, ensuring longer service of your fleet.

  • Improved route planning

As we know the value of time when the fire breaks out anywhere, and how important it becomes for fire fighters to get to the spot at the earliest. Thus, in such panic situations the selection of easiest and the shortest route becomes a tricky task for managers and vehicle drivers. But when you have an interactive map at your fingertips, you can make this selection in a wink. The GPS tracker quickly suggests you the best and quickest route to your destination. Coupled with this, the live traffic details can help drivers avoid traffic jams and densely populated areas.

  • Tracking and mapping of vehicles

Live tracking of vehicles helps managers getting the exact location and movement of the fleet vehicles. Moreover, this tracking feature is of great use in dousing wildfires, as the chances are more of vehicles getting lost in the dense smoke and jungle. Thus, managers can keep a tab on the vehicles and immediately communicate with them in case they get deviated from their path.

  • Know your fleet

The GPS fleet management system, as we mentioned above, is not just instrumented for GPS tracking of vehicles and find routes, but also provides a centralized and common platform for your entire fleet information. Vehicle details, along with the drivers’ information can be easily added to a single database and can be retrieved anytime. Through customized reports, managers can save details about the water carrying capacity of each vehicle, making it an easier choice for them to manage the deployment of vehicles according to the intensity of fire.

The interactive dashboard is designed to perform seamless operations with a user-friendly interface, which helps managers as well as drivers to perform quick operations. The dashboard insights also reveal the status of any fleet vehicle – whether idle or running.

Leave and holiday schedules can also be easily created and maintained. Through this, the availability of drivers and other employees can be checked in a moment to quickly arrange the substitute staff in case of any call or emergency.

  • Maintain scorecard of drivers

Fleet managers or officers, along with the performance of fleet vehicles, can keep a close eye on the drivers’ performance. Based on the performance of each driver, managers can rate them individually, identifying the best performing driver. This generates a healthy competitive working environment, motivating others to top the leaderboard.

This proves how the efficiency and performance of fire stations and fire fighters can be leveraged by automating the processes with competent fleet management and tracking system. Responding to the calls and reaching the destination has become so easier with such an application. For fire fighters every single minute saved is equivalent to saving a life. And we, at Basecamp, understands the value of each second, and hence we have developed FleetPro, an efficient fleet management software.

Just a single mistake is enough to spark accidents, but we can get control over the situation at the earliest, keeping our fleet of fire fighters ready with Basecamp FleetPro. Basecamp FleetPro, an innovative solution for smart fleet managers. To know more, visit www.basecampscout.com