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How Do GPS Insights Solve Real Business Challenges?

Though we are currently getting the news of our economy grappling with a major downfall, the currency getting weaker and the industries facing massive loss. The collective term that has been coined in the market is ‘Economic Slowdown’. The production sector, especially automobile, is reportedly the most affected sector in the country. Owing to this, the business try cost-cutting, strict budgets and controlling their expenses as much as possible.

And coupled with these issues come myriad business challenges that make it impossible for fleet managers and business owners to manage the fleet operations efficiently and in a cost-effective way. But to deal with such real business complexities, you need courage and unique solutions. Putting a full stop on your investments and expenditures is absolutely not the one. Bigger market players and visionary entrepreneurs take this scenario as the perfect opportunity. On the contrary, they make smart investments, giving them more profits, and focus on maintaining their service quality. The advancing technology has given a new dimension to think and a new ray of hope to get your all fleet operations streamlined.

One such innovation is fleet management software. Digitizing all your processes and providing a common, secure platform to map, monitor and manage fleet information is the basic concept of fleet software. Keeping a real-time check on every vehicle, maintaining fleet schedules, timely deliveries, and ensuring vehicle’s longer life are some of the tasks that can be performed in just a few clicks. Isn’t that great? Enabled with the greatest location tracking innovation, GPS, the system provides a wide range of features and insights that empower fleet managers and owners smartly deal with the real business challenges. Now, in the later part of this article we will get to know that what exactly these challenges are, and how these GPS insights help you tackling them –

Manage the information overload

Bigger the fleet, more is the information generated. Details of drivers and vehicles, along with the trip schedules and updated information of vehicle locations make the deal messy for managers. Moreover, it results in wasting your resources and time in dealing with less important information and deviating from other revenue generating tasks. But a fleet management system allows you to store the entire fleet info on a digital platform that can be retrieved and edited in minutes. And most importantly, you can single-handedly manage the entire fleet of yours, making your other resources available for more important jobs.

Equal utilization of every vehicle

Using old and manual fleet management you can’t have control over your fleet operations. And no proper monitoring of vehicles may lead to the over consumption of some vehicles and under-utilization of the others. To fix this issue, the GPS insights of your fleet management systems prove to be of great use. They hold the trip details, including vehicle and driver information, along with the trip dates. This gives your managers 360 degree visibility into the fleet trips and deliveries, and ensures equal utilization of every vehicle, giving longer service life to the fleet vehicles. Along with this, the system gives details of capacity and type of vehicle/fleet carrier that makes it easier for managers to select the most apt vehicle for a particular delivery.

Lowering down the operational costs

We started with discussing some smarter moves to cut down the budget allocations, in a bid to counter this ‘economic slowdown’. One of those smart acts is taking the operational and fuel costs of your fleet down. These increasing expenses can be easily tamed using the fleet telematics and GPS insights. Quick location updates and geofencing help managers to track the vehicles’ movements, eventually restricting their unofficial usage. This can save big on fuel costs.

Additionally, timely service of vehicles ensures their longer run and reduced downtimes. It also curtails the wear-and-tear of auto parts that give you a controlled maintenance cost of fleet.

Keep your customers in the loop

Making customers a part of this supply chain can help to win their trust and loyalty towards our brand. The advanced GPS insights, along with the managers, make the location of delivery vehicle accessible to the customers. This helps them get the real-time movement of their product and estimated time to get delivered to their address. Such innovative features have made the fleet software must for businesses.

Dealing with panic situations

Being a fleet manager, you have to deal with the threats of accidents and breakdowns of your fleet vehicles. Especially, when your assets are at a distant and unknown location. If any mishaps happen, the fleet telematics can help to deal with them. Tracing the location of vehicle, the manager can immediately arrange the nearby help. This way GPS insights provided by the fleet software play vital role in saving lives and vehicles.

Keeping your fleet compliant

The transportation and logistics industry has this biggest threat of missing the insurance and permit renewals, which cost them big in case they get caught. Moreover, the newly introduced ‘Motor Vehicle Act’ has made the rules more stringent, proposing a steep hike in the fine amount. Thus, it’s wiser to keep the vehicles compliant, and never miss the important dates. The fleet management software generates timely alerts for any due compliance of your fleet vehicles. If you manage a fleet of 50 vehicles, imagine how big sum of fine you can save keeping your fleet compliant.

So, which way you want to go – making compromises to have reduced expenses or streamline your operations for increasing gains? If later one is your choice, then partner with the best-in-class software for budding vehicle tracking technology, Basecamp FleetPro. The valuable insights provided by the system will surely boost the efficiency of your fleet and help to deal with the real business challenges in more effective way. Want to track us more, visit www.basecampscout.com .