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COVID 19: How to make Remote Fleet Management Effective and Easier during this Emergency?

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Amid the nationwide lockdown due to the increasing impact of COVID 19, here are the ways to remotely monitor the fleets of essential/emergency services.

The new pandemic, corona virus has now finally reached to a level where strict lockdown by the Indian government has been imposed to prevent it from entering in the third phase of ‘Community Spread’. Amid this shutdown, emergency services are decided to be kept operational to meet the daily demands of people. Important among them are hospitals, fire brigades, banks, fruit & vegetable markets, civic bodies, etc. However, managing fleets during such a situation is a daunting task. Hence today, we are going to reveal some ways to keep these fleet vehicles service-ready and operational always.

Set up a remote connection

Social distancing, as we know, is the only known way to tame this increasing pandemic. Thus, setting up a remote network becomes a much-needed step for both government and private enterprises. At Basecamp FleetPro, we have our entire staff working remotely, and hence strongly recommend the fleet managers/ transport managers of emergency services like hospitals to manage their workforce from home. Similar to hospitals, our civic bodies are also relentlessly working to keep the city clean. If you are using Basecamp FleetPro, the challenges faced in creating this virtual setup can be easily mitigated.

To establish a good workspace at home, managers need to ensure Wi-Fi connection or mobile signals working to constantly stay connected to your mobile team and manage them effortlessly. Now we will discuss how managers, with the help of Advanced Telematics System like Basecamp FleetPro, keep their fleet operations managed and streamlined, especially when they have no physical presence with them.

Vehicle Assignment

Vehicle assignment, during such a situation, becomes a crucial and challenging task. Here vehicle management software plays a vital role in managing their trips in an efficient way. Now managers can remotely check the availability and occupancy of hospital ambulances or the vehicles deployed for waste management, which are still operational for human service. Along with this, assessing locations in real-time can also help them deploy vehicles in different areas.

Trip route creation is yet another feature of vehicle management systems that helps create effective and efficient trips for fleet vehicles. This promotes efficient working by deploying fewer vehicles to complete more tasks. Productivity of vehicles and drivers can also be gauged without relying on manual datasheets and paper logs. Moreover, proper scheduling of fleet vehicles avoids over or underuse of any vehicle.

Alerts and notification

One of the biggest glitches faced by managers or fleet owners while working remotely is the lack of real-time information. Imagine receiving critical information after hours. This widens the scope for problem, mismanagement and may increase vehicle downtime and breakdowns. But with vehicle management through software like FleetPro, managers can receive important alerts in real-time. Whether it is related to the location tracking or any emergency, timely notifications given by the systems help managers to take the required action.

Daily Inspection

As we mentioned earlier, the management of ambulances, vehicles of civic bodies and containers carrying eatables is a challenging task during the growing concern of this pandemic. Hence, maintaining fleet health becomes more critical. But FleetPro is tailored to effectively meet this demand, as quick vehicle inspections can be done by drivers too. This helps to ensure the readiness of fleet vehicles before starting any trip. The system also allows them to perform inspections through customized forms that not only ease the process for them but also track even the minutest of the details and gets them resolved in time. The reports of the inspection can also be shared with managers in real-time.

Tracking tools for effective operations

As we all are aware that the government is trying hard to stimulate and maintain the supply of eatables like fruits and vegetables, even during the period of lockdown. Thus, carrying the required stuff is travelling long distances to meet the demands of the entire country. Here, managers working remotely can keep an eye on the location and movement of the entire fleets crossing the city or state borders. Besides, real-time tracking, other GPS tools like geofencing ensures successful completion of trips. Through this feature managers can mark the area of operation or even a trip route of any vehicle through a virtual fence, and breaching this fence at any point generates quick alerts, enabling managers to check the action.

Compliance Management

Stringent rules are formed, especially during this lockdown, for the vehicles crossing borders. Thus, it becomes a roadblock even for the vehicles carrying essentials. In such a scenario, vehicle management software ensures your fleet vehicles to be service-ready always. Alerts for due compliance helps managers keep vehicles compliant with all required permits. Moreover, a digital database can allow managing such documents on your fingertips.

There are many more features of our vehicle tracking and management software that are helping fleets perform better and efficiently during this state of emergency. Basecamp FleetPro is a proud partner of some civic bodies that are still kept operational. We at Basecamp FleetPro are relentlessly working to make vehicle management a cakewalk for managers and fleet operators. Through the digital database and remote connectivity, FleetPro promotes social distancing, which is the biggest tool to fight with this ongoing crisis of COVID-19.