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How to Boost Profitability of Fleet Business by Telematics Software

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Amid the growing concerns of a slowdown in the automobile sector, the outbreak of a pandemic COVID-19 this year has added to the challenges of mankind – both humans and businesses. The global scenario doesn’t seem to be relaxing for businesses, especially those dealing in the automobile sector. Restrictions and travel ban too have worsened the situation for travel, transport, and logistics.

Grappling with such emergencies and panic states, cautious moves by the fleet managers/owners are expected to keep their businesses afloat against the tide and make the business profitable. Here not only human efforts, but contemporary technological support is also needed. A fleet management software is the perfect fix for all the problems related to the management and maintenance of fleets. Many will debate saying telematics installation as a waste of money in such a scenario. But on the contrary, it is an investment that will surely help industries in saving big on the operations of their on-wheels assets.

  • Optimization of vehicles during limited runs

A fleet management system allows managers to schedule the trips of their business vehicles, and optimize them efficiently. This prevents the over and underutilization of a particular vehicle. Managers can also check the daily run of their vehicles and plan further trips according to the availability and occupancy of vehicles.

  • Driver and vehicle safety

Fleet vehicles are always on the move to distant and far places, and for fleet managers, this has been a point of concern always. Reports suggest that careless and distracted driving patterns are major reasons behind highway mishaps, disturbing the stringent fleet budgets. But now ensure safer fleet trips with driving behavior monitoring. The feature helps managers assess the driving patterns of drivers. The system quickly identifies any of the reckless driving behavior, such as hard braking, aggressive acceleration, over speeding, etc. It quickly generates alerts and allows admin to take quick measures to check it.

  • Keeping fleet service ready

For the companies managing the fleet count in hundreds, timely service and maintenance is a big hurdle to cross. And failing to keep a regular check on them may result in frequent and sudden breakdowns, which eventually increases the operational expenses. But fleet maintenance software has made vehicle check-ups easier and a minute-long process. Now anytime and anywhere vehicles’ health check-ups can be performed through customized forms. This elevates efficiency, curtails expenses and hence boosts profitability.

  • Service and maintenance

As we have always learned that a penny saved is a penny earned. Thus, saving big on vehicle servicing can be termed as profits for fleet management companies. Thus, to avoid missing the service dates of individual fleet vehicles, fleet software is designed. Just enter the date of service and compliance once, and rest will be done by the system. It will generate timely reminders for due maintenance works. Timely servicing increases vehicle life that boosts profitability to a greater extent.

  • Increased customer retention

Along with the slow growth rate, markets today are flooded with alternatives or competitors. And to lead this cut-throat business competition, customer satisfaction is the much-needed tool. Happy customer-base can only be achieved through the best-in-class services offered by the brand. Now the question arises, can fleet management software help setting up a satisfied clientele? And the answer is yes. Taking deliveries to another level, these fleet systems allow customers to be a part of the tracking chain. Now even they can monitor the live location and movement of delivery vehicle and can assess the accurate delivery time. This helps in maintaining the transparency in the system.

  • Fleet Telematics help tracking success

Empowered with advanced GPS tracking tools, managers can check the unofficial usage of business fleets, and can even streamline the work orders. Having access to live vehicle locations at fingertips, fleet managers can assign the task to the nearest vehicle in real-time. Task assignment can also be streamlined with location trackers, as more tasks can be completed deploying less number of vehicles.

Unauthorized use of vehicles can be tracked by GPS-empowered feature – Geofencing. Now managers can mark the trip routes with a virtual fence, and make drivers strictly follow them. Breaching the fence will automatically alert managers.

- Survey results

Fleetanswers.com is a trusted and reliable resource for the data related to fleets. They surveyed to know the benefits of fleet telematics for business. The data suggested –

- What are the key results or benefits that you have experienced after using Telematics/GPS in your fleet?

Concluding Notes

Thus data-driven decisions can make your fleet business profitable and cut the competition. To achieve this, robust fleet management and tracking software for fleets is the latest and the best innovation. Above mentioned survey result reveals how beneficial vehicle telematics are for increasing business productivity. But on the other hand, those who think about saving money by avoiding vehicle telematics, eventually end up incurring huge losses. Along with this, it is equally important to select the best service provider in the market. The only trusted name with years of experience in delivering cutting-edge technologies is FleetPro- a fleet tracking and management software, crafted with the latest technology. Contact at sales@batchmaster.com to know more.