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How to Boost Profitability of Fleet Business by Telematics Software

Amid the growing concerns of a slowdown in the automobile sector, the outbreak of a pandemic COVID-19 this year has added to the challenges of mankind – both humans and businesses. The global scenario doesn’t seem to be relaxing for businesses, especially those dealing in the automobile sector.

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COVID 19: How to make Remote Fleet Management Effective and Easier during this Emergency?

The new pandemic, corona virus has now finally reached to a level where strict lockdown by the Indian government has been imposed to prevent it from entering in the third phase of ‘Community Spread’.

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Why Indian Market Promises a Bright Future of Vehicle Telematics?

The automotive market in India is taking a giant leap. On the contrary, we witnessed a slump in the demand that dealt a severe blow to the automobile market of the country. But still

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Fleet Management Trends that will Dominate in 2020

The technology, as we witnessed in 2019, has undergone a major transformation. As we enter the last year of this decade, 2020, we will see the technology evolving in every sphere. And parallel to

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7 Metrics Every Fleet Manager Should Be Tracking

Leveraging performance and delivering more fruitful results is what every business management expects from its workforce. But this performance appraisal can only be seen when it is being monitored and measured continuously. And this

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Mining has always been a backbone for Indian economy. India is home to almost 1531 mines and is considered among the major mineral producers, specifically for Asian region. Mining is 6000 years old in

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How Fleet Management System Can Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Businesses having a complete or partial dependency on their fleet vehicles wouldn’t have gained a huge success, if the advancing technology had not been there. The phenomenal rise of this sector – whether rental

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5 Ways GPS Technology Is Saving Lives in 2020

Even though it is not doing great on the sales front, the automobile sector in the country is witnessing a period of phenomenal development on the production front, going through various positive transformations. Be

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Waste Collection Management and its Benefits

In 2014, the government of India launched a nation-wide campaign, as a step towards making this country cleaner and greener to live. Various tasks under this campaign were initiated to make cities and villages

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6 Tips for Effective Fleet Maintenance

Hello pals! Since you have landed on this page we assure you that your quest to find the solution of effective fleet maintenance will end here. You might have checked out many websites and

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How Firefighters Are Using GPS Fleet Management System?

Case – The recent case that shook the whole nation happened in Gujrat’s Surat. The fire broke out in a multistory building claimed 20 lives that too young students. After the entire incident the

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How Do GPS Insights Solve Real Business Challenges?

Though we are currently getting the news of our economy grappling with a major downfall, the currency getting weaker and the industries facing massive loss. The collective term that has been coined in the

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