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6 Tips for Effective Fleet Maintenance

Hello pals! Since you have landed on this page we assure you that your quest to find the solution of effective fleet maintenance will end here. You might have checked out many websites and read numerous blogs focusing on some generic tips for fleet maintenance, which involve timely service, check usage, track your vehicles’ daily run, manage fuel consumption, trace locations and many more. In a nutshell, equipping your business fleet with a tracking and management solution is an absolute need. But the above mentioned features are commonly known to almost everyone. These GPS enabled devices, we know, are designed to track the location of vehicles. But, what’s beyond tracking that makes your fleet operations streamlined and effectively manage your fleet, irrespective of its size?

  • Control your overall fleet expenses

As we all know that maintaining a business fleet is not a cakewalk for managers and owners. Increasing fuel and operational cost of fleet contradict the strict and controlled budget theory. The stringent budget allocations make it difficult for fleet managers to operate a huge fleet, especially having bulky vehicles and heavy machineries in your troop. There are multiple departments where fleet managers can actually cut costs in order to make fleet maintenance a pocket-friendly deal for companies. Along with having a track on daily distance covered, managers can avoid frequent breakdowns and downtimes by doing regular vehicle inspections. Modern fleet management software enables you to perform quick inspections through pre-designed and customizable forms.

For bigger fleets, a huge amount of vehicle and drivers’ data is difficult to manage along with the need to deploy employees dedicated for this task. Switch to the future technology of cloud storage through a competent fleet management system that helps to keep the entire fleet details saved on cloud that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Thus, data management can be single handedly done with more scope to optimize your workforce for other revenue generation tasks.

  • Fix the dates

This has been a problem for managers to keep track of the status of their assets. Before deploying any specific vehicle or driver, managers have to check whether it’s available or occupied. And unknown fleet status may lead to poor management of fleet. However, the calendar feature of Fleet Management System helps managers fix the schedule of each vehicle and driver, and to plan the trips accordingly. Thus, no need to waste your time and delay your trips waiting for a particular vehicle to become available. Keep the complete schedule of fleet at your fingertips and manage your tasks effectively and efficiently.

  • Take some preventive steps

Similar to servicing, vehicle compliance is equally vital for the effective maintenance and uninterrupted fleet operations. Fleet vehicles usually have to cross city and state borders, and thus need to be compliant. Moreover, the newly introduced motor vehicle act has made the law more stringent, levying heavy traffic fines. Your digital fleet manager will let you know about the due date of any compliance by generating timely alerts. This will help keep your vehicles always road ready, thus saving big. Moreover, using fleet software, fleet managers can identify the capacity of their vehicles individually, preventing them from getting overloaded.

  • Avoid accidents and mishaps

We easily believe the fact that accidents are inevitable, and are can happen while taking bulky or heavy vehicles to distant places. Though this is sometimes not due to driver’s mistake only but it raises a finger to managers’ ineffective control over their fleet management. But these accidents can be checked and controlled taking some safety measures. Safe driving habits can help to reduce such accidents and ensuring road and vehicle safety. But how to check the drivers’ skills staying miles away from them? The answer is simple – Fleet management system. It keeps an eye on the driving pattern of your all drivers, and immediately alerts you in case of careless activities, such as over speeding, hard braking, aggressive acceleration, etc.

This way you can keep your vehicles and drivers safe, making fleet maintenance an effective and economical job for companies.

  • Set your policies and procedure

Streamline your fleet operations by drafting some policies and procedure for vehicle management and maintenance, and mandate them to be followed by drivers too. This could be related to fuel logs, vehicle checkups, parking and picking up fleet vehicles and knowing about safety procedures of the company. This could reduce the burden from managers and will shape an organized working model.

  • Set up a competitive scenario

A healthy and friendly competition among employees fosters the growth of any organization. Using the insights of fleet management software, managers can assess the individual performance of drivers, and rate them accordingly. Through this report card, the best drivers can be awarded on a monthly basis. Introducing such a competition motivates them to perform better, eventually resulting in elevating performance and better handled fleets.

These are some of the techniques or tips that can be used for your fleet’s effective maintenance. Through this article we tried to deal with the question differently and suggested some useful ways that are beyond tracking locations and following movements of vehicles. Basecamp is the breeding ground for such technological innovations. We have successfully tested these above mentioned techniques through numerous trials and instrumented Fleetpro, your digital Fleet Manager. Enabled with a robust GPS system, cloud storage and system intelligence, FleetPro is the best-in-class pick for effective maintenance of your organizational fleet. To know more log on to www.basecampscout.com