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To elevate the standards of our transport systems, Basecamp FleetPro has launched AIS 140 approved vehicles tracking devices, in compliance with ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India).

What AIS 140 Certification is?

As stated by ARAI, ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) or AIS 140 is a set of standards mandated by the Indian government to boost the efficiency, quality, safety and comfort of the Indian transport services.

Who needs this AIS 140 certified trackers?

Any fleet of vehicles carrying the responsibility of masses is bound to install these AIS 140 certified devices for better and safer mobility. This includes –


Institutional cabs/buses – Company, school or college


Govt. or Private transport Networks - Intercity and Intracity


Rental Cabs/taxis

Features of AIS 140 approved devices –

  • GPS + SBAS positioning for accurate pinpointing of locations
  • Multiple I/O – 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 2 analog inputs
  • Location tracking by SMS & GPRS
  • Data transmission to IP addresses
  • Capable of obtaining information using GAGAN, Indian satellite-based augmentation system.
  • Powerful Li-ion battery: 3.7 V, 2000 mAh, providing 15 hrs. of long standby
  • 50000 pieces of data storage: stores large amount of data for history review
  • In compliance with ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India).
  • SOS emergency calling
  • Multiple alerts and alarms, including Geofencing

Information flow in case of emergencies (use of panic button)


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