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Advantages of Installing a GPS Tracking Device in your Car

Gone are the days when travelling from point A to point B used to be difficult. Thanks to the tracking technology like GPS (Global Positioning System), it has gotten much easier over the years, as people can now navigate to far off places and take unknown routes without fearing getting lost. The GPS technology can easily determine the location and time of the device it is integrated with via network satellites in the orbit. And even though the technology has been around for well over four decades, it has become common only now, with its easy integration with the mobile phones taking it to virtually every home.

But this is not just about the GPS technology’s integration with the smartphones, as this blog intends to look at the benefits of installing a GPS tracking device into a car. One might wonder, when you can have the navigation app and GPS chip installed to your smartphone, why install a GPS tracking device in your car? Well, to begin with, installing a GPS tracking device in your car has many advantages in addition to navigation, as it can help the users in a number of ways in different situations through its different capabilities. Moreover, the smart combination of a GPS device installed in the car and a GPS-enabled app installed to the smartphone renders many invaluable benefits to the user.

While having this combination at your disposal can be a wonderful thing, knowing its advantages and leveraging them to the fullest can be a bit overwhelming. This blog lists down all the possible advantages of installing a GPS tracking device in your car for your comprehension. Read on:

Live car tracking: This is perhaps the single-most important benefit of installing a GPS tracking device to your car. A GPS tracking device helps you live track your car by giving its correct location at any given time. Working with the combination of the app on your smartphone, it also allows you to locate your car among several other cars and navigates you to its exact location. You can also check the live status of your car, whether it is parked, idle, or running, through this system.

Effective management & maintenance of car: The app and device’s combination of a GPS-enabled app installed to your smartphone and a GPS tracking device being installed to your car makes its effective management and maintenance possible. It allows you to remember the due car servicing date as well as the insurance due date through timely and repetitive alerts. This way, you can maintain your car and keep it current on insurance. Apart from that, such a combination allows you to grant selective access of your car to guest users, allowing you to manage it efficiently even when someone else is using it.

Improved car, & personal safety: A GPS tracking device in your car delivers big on the safety front, as it helps you locate it in the event of its theft by providing you with the live location. In addition, syncing such devices with the GPS-enabled mobile apps help you get anti-theft alerts on your smartphones, so that you can act immediately if your car gets stolen, and not allow the thief to escape with it by the use of advanced features like ignition cut-off. You can notify the police and simultaneously, keep tracking the car in real-time through the system, which eventually pinpoints you to the exact location.

Besides securing your car, you can also ensure your as well your beloved ones’ safety through its emergency alerts feature, as in case of an emergency situation, such apps automatically send alerts to your family/ friends along with GPS coordinates & car details. Then there’s the geo-fencing option too, which allows you to create virtual boundaries for your car and get alerts when the geo-fence is breached.

Advanced analytics for car and driving: The GPS tracking device, in collaboration with a GPS-enabled tracking app, helps you enhance your driving ability by providing you with vital analysis on your driving behavior on different parameters. You can analyze your driving behavior on parameters such as hard braking, over speeding, average speed, etc., and manage your car better. Additionally, such a combination allows you to generate, view, and compare interactive statistics on total distance traveled, run time, idle time, stoppage time, average speed etc., related your car, and conduct real-time analysis of the same.

Increased fuel efficiency: The combination of a GPS-enabled app and the GPS tracking device helps increase the fuel efficiency. It provides the users with the data on fuel usage, and lets them know when excessive fuel is being used. This way, the users can drive their cars in a fuel-efficient way and conserve maximum fuel.

Cost savings: A GPS tracking device installed in your car, and synced with the GPS-enabled tracking app on your phone, also makes cost savings for you on multiple fronts. By getting your car serviced at regular intervals, and keeping it maintained, you can save on the maintenance costs. At the same time, with increased fuel efficiency, it allows you to make savings on your monthly fuel expenditure as well.

Environment safety: Last, but certainly not the least, the GPS-enabled app and device’s combination attached to your car can help you keep the environment safe. It facilitates route optimization, which means you can avoid the busy roads with heavy traffic and take carefully planned routes for your trips. This, eventually, results in lesser carbon emissions and hence, reduces your carbon footprint and helps you contribute towards saving the environment.

Concluding thoughts:

The points mentioned above clearly suggest that it is not the GPS tracking device installed to the car alone, but its combination with a GPS-enabled tracking app installed to the smartphone that can deliver tremendous benefits to the car users. AutoBond is one such app and device’s combination that not only helps you track your car, but also lets you manage it in a better way, safeguard it from theft and misuse, analyze it on different parameters, and plan and optimize to save fuel as well. Contact us to learn more about this advanced telematics solution.

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