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7 Tips on Getting Started with a New GPS Based Fleet Tracking App

Over the past few years, GPS tracking has become an absolute need, especially for vehicles – personal or business. To serve your business where fleet plays a substantial role, a diligently designed GPS tracking system is very crucial. It presents an overview of your all fleet vehicles, which includes their monitoring, maintenance and safety. Adding to this, an efficient fleet tracker can help you save big on your expenses.

Well, whether small or big, managing a business fleet is never an easy task. Hence for better management, a wide range of software are available in the market offering a wealth of services and features to ease out your processes and making your fleet serve better and longer. We are well aware of the features and uses of a fleet tracking software, but here are few essential tips for getting started with a GPS based fleet tracking app vehicles.

Introducing your team with the new system

Your fleet team, majorly including drivers, needs proper training before getting started with this updated vehicle. It may take time to get compatible with this application. Remember, the software is for their convenience not for increasing complexities. So, whether recruiting or retaining drivers, it is essential for them to know the ins and outs of the newly introduced system.

Reduce risk and increased safety

Use of powerful telematics reduces the risk to a greater extent, increasing the safety of vehicles and drivers. These can be used for monitoring drivers’ driving behavior, checking careless driving practices, such as hard braking, aggressive acceleration, crossing speed limits, etc.

Learn Fuel insights

Managing and controlling fuel expenditure is the topmost concern for all fleet managers. First, try to figure out the major reasons for your uncontrolled and increased fuel budgets. Following the key findings of various surveys, some common reasons listed are inefficient route planning, careless or rash driving, delayed servicing and maintenance, fuel theft and traffic. A potent fleet management software enabled with GPS tracking helps managers to combat these reasons and to reduce the fuel expenses to a greater extent.

Save money on vehicle maintenance

Frequent vehicle downtime results in increased maintenance budgeting and affects timely deliveries too; eventually alarming big losses. Your GPS based fleet tracker stores and reminds the important dates of servicing and insurance renewals, keeping your fleet always service-ready and compliant. Scheduling timely maintenance ensures a long vehicle life. Thus managers should keep an eye on the regular maintenance of the fleet to shun unnecessary expenses.


Proper utilization of Geofencing technology helps improve your business processes. Use of Geofencing has become popular in the fleet industry. Use of virtual fencing is of great use for the managers, as they can restrict the movement of vehicles outside the marked area, avoiding the unofficial use of the fleet. This can also help them in marking the best possible routes to their destination.

Better working environment

Driver retention has become more challenging for managers, as they feel the purpose of including fleet tracking system is to keep a strict check on them. Here are some tips to use the technology for your business benefits, instead of imposing restrictions on drivers –

  • Use the technology to make their job easier
  • Data sharing with drivers will set transparency and they can self-correct
  • Give them some time to get accustomed to the new implementation

Manage vehicles

Besides tracking, asset management is also a complex job. Managers should know the availability, occupancy, and capacity of their every fleet vehicle. GPS fleet tracker allows them to use the best available vehicle for the particular job. This will increase the efficiency of your business fleet.

Concluding thoughts

The fleet industry has many challenges and complexities. An efficient GPS based tracker helps you to face them and manage your fleet operations effortlessly and safely. Additionally, these above-mentioned tips would surely be beneficial for you to get started with a GPS based fleet tracking application. Such a revolutionary solution is provided by Basecamp too, named FleetPro. Empower your fleet with Basecamp FleetPro, which has got all competent and exciting features to keep your fleet safe and operational.

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