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7 Tech Features that Improve Car Safety

The automobile industry, in today’s times is experiencing tremendous changes with each passing day. A blend of modern amenities, upgraded features and elegant designs is being introduced to the automobiles of today, especially cars. In recent times, the car has become a necessity more than a luxury, which is a need of every family. This constantly evolving automobile market is flooded with a wide array of economic four-wheeler options, which is dream come true of the middle class families of having their own car. But nowadays aesthetic appeal is not the only parameter that people look for while buying a car. Checking safety features has become a top priority, ahead of increasing road accidents and theft threats.

To make every journey memorable and safe, the new generation of cars is equipped with the latest safety features and tools. The updated features, such as advanced cruise control, airbags for each passenger, auto braking systems, etc. have emphasized and enhanced the safety of travelers to a greater extent. But alongside passengers’ safety, car’s safety concerns continuously pop up in owner’s mind. With the changing times, thieves and gangs of car lifters have updated themselves with newer technologies of stealing. Thus, in such scenario, parking your cars relying on just outdated and old locking system is not enough. Hence, you need a modern and robust locking mechanism ensuring complete safety and security of your car.

The advanced telematics system is the perfect solution and a complete safety package for your vehicle. Now connect and control your car with your smartphone and enjoy stress-free drive and parking with a plethora of latest features. The couple of a GPS enabled device and a mobile application has a lot in its hat. So let’s have a quick run through the top trending features that you must equip your car with:

  • GPS Tracking

Global Positioning System or location tracking system is the boon of this cutting-edge technology. Nothing would be better and safer than keeping an eye on your car all the time. GPS allows you to track the location of any object in real-time. Thus, this becomes one of the most prominent features allowing you to constantly keep a check on your vehicle sitting in office or home. It is also helpful in finding your car in a large and packed parking lot, where you can easily track it through the GPS.

  • Anti-theft *(Lock/Unlock) feature

To improve the current locking system, this feature has been introduced. Through this feature the owner can control the locking and unlocking of the car with his smartphone from anywhere, which bans the chances of keeping your car unlocked instead helps to reassure that your car which is parked anywhere- in the mall, at a ground, out on the street or just anywhere.

  • Ignition Cut-off

This is yet another exciting feature that protects your car from theft. In case your car gets stolen, this feature allows you to cut off the ignition supply and turn off the vehicle immediately. The ignition can be easily shut down through your smartphone with a single tap.

  • Geofencing

One more benefit of GPS technology for safeguarding your vehicle and to elevate your safety standards is Geofencing. The feature is of best use when your vehicle is parked. It enables an owner to draw a virtual fence of a certain radius around the vehicle through a live map using your smartphone. Rest leave on the feature, as it immediately generates alerts and notifies you in case the car breaches the geofence. It works even better to ensure the safety of your loved ones specifically your kids. You can draw safe zones for them, whenever they try to go in areas not safe for them, an alert beeps on your mobile. Rest you know what needs to be done then.

  • User Assignment

As the name suggests, this contemporary feature is designed to define the users of the car, apart from the owner. Through this feature, you can limit the access of your car to you and your family members. This provides extra safety of protecting your vehicle from unknown and careless drivers. The owner gets quick notifications if any unassigned driver tries to use the car. The added advantage of the feature is that you can ensure your minor kids from driving the car, ensuring the safety of both kids and the car.

  • Driving Behavior

Do you know 80% of the accidents are attributed to human errors? Moreover, a well-driven car saves a lot on maintenance costs. Thus, keeping a tab on the driving behavior is a must for the car owners. Hence the feature is included, as it records the driver’s behavior and checks the risky and careless driving practices, such as over speeding, aggressive driving, etc.

  • Timely service schedules

It is noticed that untimely and delayed servicing of vehicles, especially cars, reduces their performance and increases downtime and breakdowns. Thus, the telematics system keeps a track of your service and compliance schedules ensuring your vehicle to be always compliant and maintained.

So these were the must-have features to make your car more secure. Along with the safety of the car, the safety of your driver is also important, which is usually ignored, as we depend and completely rely upon the traditional security tools and features. It is a one-time investment that ensures the life-time protection for your valuable asset. To equip your vehicle with all such features, you need an efficient system like Basecamp Autobond. Autobond possesses the entire kit of necessary features that not only monitor, but elevates the safety standards of your car. Visit to know more.

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