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5 Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking in Your Fleet Management

Global Positioning System, abbreviated as GPS, is a path-breaking technology which has made navigation easier beyond our imagination. Route optimization, vehicle tracking, accurate speed and distance calculation, and many more of its exciting features have made our journeys convenient and safe. The technology has proved to be a boon for businesses where vehicles play a significant role in the successful operation, like the fleet businesses.

Plenty of fruitful business gains of GPS technology have taken fleet management and functioning to a different level altogether. It helps fleet managers manage the costs, and boost productivity and efficiency, among other things. This blog highlights some of the prominent benefits of having a GPS-enabled vehicle tracking system for your fleet. Have a look.

  • Increased Transparency

For fleet drivers, sometimes it becomes difficult to justify their extra expenses or unplanned stoppages and halts. On the other hand, it is equally difficult for fleet managers to blindly trust the drivers. In such cases, GPS tracking is the solution. Keeping a hawk eye on your fleet from anywhere and anytime gives a clear picture of the drivers’ movements and location. The GPS-enabled system efficiently keeps a track of total time of traveling, distance traveled by the vehicles, fuel & other expenses, etc. With playback recording feature, managers can keep a tab of the entire locations visited by the drivers in the day’s journey, thus keeping better vigil over their activities.

  • Improved Customer Service

Many surveys have proved that including GPS systems in your organization’s fleet increases the efficiency and productivity of your fleet, enhances its performance, reduces its downtime and improves response time. Live tracking of vehicles ensures on-time delivery and services to the customers. This also helps you in finding the current status of the closest vehicle, so that managers can easily assign the real-time tasks and deliveries.

  • Reduced Costs

Locating the fleet vehicles is not directly related to costing. But, a GPS tracking system is beneficial in managing and reducing the fleet costs in many ways. As the fleet managers can check the vehicles’ movements individually, and that too 24×7, they can restrict the use of vehicles for personal use and keep a strict check on the fuel consumption and distance covered by the vehicles. This helps in controlling fuel wastage. The system also keeps a close look at service due date while also mandating vehicle inspection regularly. This reduces the vehicle downtime plus breakdowns, hence keeping the service cost of your vehicles under control, and resulting in substantial cost savings.

  • Enhanced Safety

To ensure road safety is one of the major concerns of the fleet managers. Thus, it is important to keep a check on fleet drivers’ behavior. A GPS-enabled system has made it much easier, as managers can individually gauge driving behavior, and immediately get alerted if the system tracks any careless driving activity, such as over speeding, hard braking, phone usage while driving, and aggressive acceleration. It is beneficial for the drivers too, while travelling to the unknown locations, as it gives them real-time traffic details on a particular route, and helps make hands-on choices at the right time as far as routes are concerned.

  • Savings on Time and Resources

In the present scenario, we all know that time is as precious as money, and meeting deadlines become more crucial for the businesses such as transportation. Thus, a GPS-enabled system can help you out with planning the best possible route for your trips. If drivers have multiple deliveries for the day, it can suggest the shortest route covering all the destinations. This helps in engaging minimum vehicles for jobs, and making substantial savings on time, fuel and other resources.


The afore-mentioned benefits give a clear impression of how important GPS has become, especially when it comes to fleet management. This has made GPS-enabled fleet management systems an indispensable part of the fleet businesses. If you too want to sit back and manage your fleet operations seamlessly, switch to Basecamp FleetPro, a robust fleet management solution, today. A competent tool, it comes as a web-based and mobile application, offering a plethora of exciting features to manage a fleet of any size and type, effortlessly.

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