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10 Benefits of Tracking Locations of Field Force

For any business, salespersons are the prime revenue generators. And the sales revenue is directly proportional to their productivity and efficiency. Hence, the sales team is constantly active on the field for meetings, surveys, visits, etc. This makes it difficult for managers to track the real-time location of a geographically dispersed team. Leveraging this, some executives take advantage of this limitation and mislead their managers by presenting false visit details and bills. Thus for effective field service management, a contemporary and unique solution is all you need. A system that keeps an eye on the movement and location of your field force. Basecamp Scout is crafted with the cutting-edge technology to cater to all such needs. It is a proficient employee GPS tracking and management app equipped with latest features and offers a great number of business advantages. So let’s take a quick tour of 10 secret benefits of having a digital eye on your mobile team.

  • Increased Efficiency

Tracking your field force along with their login and logout timings helps managers to know whether they are actually present on the field or not. This keeps a track of their actual working hours, which will eventually boost the performance and productivity.

  • Fair Reimbursements

Often salespersons take advantage of their trips and visits by showing more than actual distance traveled. With no proper monitoring, there’s always an obscurity of their reimbursements. In such scenarios, a location tracking app comes to aid. With detailed reports of distance and fuel, managers can calculate exact allowances.

  • Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking is always necessary for better field service management. Knowing the real-time location of executives, managers can assign new tasks and real-time meetings to the nearest executive available.

  • Create Checklists

Any salesperson assigned with more than one meetings/visits can create the checklist of tasks and can opt for the shortest route that covers all meeting places. This route optimization helps reducing fuel expenditure and saves time.

  • Daily Reporting

Now field executives don’t need to make manual reports of the places visited during day’s work. Through Playback Tracking feature, managers can get the details of areas where the salesperson visited throughout the day.

  • Geofencing

Geofencing helps managers to have a strict eye on their visits. Through this, they can create a virtual boundary around the meeting area, and the system alerts them when the particular salesperson enters/exits the fence.

  • Routing

Yet another benefit of GPS tracking is time and money saving. If any of your field team has to visit an unknown or distinct place, the employee GPS tracking app suggests the safest and shortest route to the destination with directions.

  • Issue Management

This is the most significant part of field service management. On-field executives often come across the issue of vehicle downtime during their visits. Knowing the GPS location of the employee, the manager can send aid to him immediately, and can assign his task to the nearest executive available.

  • Performance Assessment

An employee GPS tracking app lets you know whether the field executive reaches for the meetings and visits on time. This helps managers to assess an individual’s performance and rank them accordingly.

  • Visit Management

Now managers can ease the job of their front-line sales teams by giving important insights while they go for any visit or meeting, such as customer information, customer history and sales analytics, etc. This proves to be vital for successful meetings and increased productivity of your field team.


Hence we came to know numerous business benefits of using employee GPS tracking app, and how important it is for your business’ field force management. So, if you also want to enjoy the redefined and hassle-free experience of field force management, try our product Basecamp Scout. Along with the above mentioned benefits, Scout has a lot in its bag for your company. Get Basecamp Scout today, make your sales force smarter and lead the competition.

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