Basecamp FleetPro

Advanced Telematics System
For Personal & Professional

GPS Tracking

A new-age, feature-rich personal tracking
as well as vehicle management solution designed
to help manage and track in the smartest way ever

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Family Bond

Keep Your Dear Ones Monitored & Safe

This latest innovation is crafted to keep a safety check on the ones you care for. Incorporated with the robust tracking mechanism, GPS-enabled gadgets and a responsive SOS feature, Family Bond ensures complete safety of your beloved family members, pets and such.

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Auto-intelligence For GPS Tracking & Vehicle Management

Whether a family car or a fleet of five or hundreds of vehicles, FleetPro makes their management a cake walk. Empowered with new-age tools and features, it keeps you updated with vehicles’ whereabouts, even when they are not around. It lowers the operational costs, improving your business’s bottom line.

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Safe and smart fleet tracking system
Smart & Safe

Besides providing pin-pointed locations of people and on-wheels assets, it also helps arranging quick nearest help during emergencies.

Track real-time fleet locations
Keeps Informed

Even in the distant and remote areas, the system monitors every single move, keeping you updated with the real-time locations.

Fleet monitoring and control system
Complete Control

Keep all the vital updates, information and insights about your loved ones, personal or fleet vehicles at your finger-tips.

fleet vehicle tracking App
Pocket-friendly Solution

The wide array of benefits and advanced features offered together with a competitive pricing makes it a must-have and value for money software.

Taking Technology Beyond Imagination

Enter the new era of connectivity with FleetPro. Be it tracking of your family members or gaining complete control over your vehicles’ operations, here is the right solution. This cutting-edge technology is committed to address your entire GPS tracking needs in an affordable way. Replace your old-school tracking techniques with this digital avatar and avail numerous benefits.

AIS 140 certified
Perfect for your loved ones
Suitable for all businesses
High on features
Light on pocket


Enabled Vehicle Ignition Control System FleetPro

Fleet Management System for Vehicle Tracking

Advanced Solution for Vehicle & Personal Tracking



A digital, interactive platform to keep all the info and activities easily accessible to you. Now effortlessly store, retrieve, analyze or edit the vital vehicle data and perform any operation in a wink.


Empowered with tools like GPS & IRNSS, and features like geofencing, it aims at being the revolutionary tracker for cars, bikes, fleet vehicles, family and pet.


Deal with emergencies in both city and remote areas. To help during emergencies or panic situations, pressing the SOS button during any mishaps alerts admin and emergency services with accurate location details.


Empowered with the robust safety features like Anti-theft and Auto ignition cut-off, the system is committed to give you greater control. Thus, parking vehicles at unknown places is no more a worry for owners with FleetPro.


Put an end to your worries of missing out servicing and insurance renewals with FleetPro’s alerts. The system not only stores such important dates, but generates timely reminders for due date of any compliance.


Keeping a tab of location and movement has become easier and more effective. Just draw a virtual fence of any radius and any shape, and get alerted when the geo-fence is breached by your vehicles.